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We are an award-winning business, changing the shape of our industry through our focus on quality, innovation and sustainability.


Sustainability isn’t a box ticking exercise for us, it’s a fundamental part of our ethos in being a responsible business and recognising the global impact of our industry. We put sustainability at the heart of everything we do, and as a result we have received the Sustainable Business Award 2019 for our industry.

Since coming under new ownership in 2017, Shield360 has implemented genuinely industry-leading ethical and sustainability initiatives - these range from the way we audit, select and interact with our supply chain, to initiatives which reduce and off-set the impact of our business activities and supporting our clients to do the same.

  • Off-setting CO² through planting 1500 trees in the Amazon Rainforest
  • Off-setting 18+ tonnes of CO² for all of our UK & international business travel
  • Switching to 100% recycled plastic packaging
  • 50%+ recycled content & 100% recyclable / de-compostable cardboard boxes
  • 100% recycled paper for all user information sheets
  • Developing recycled content fabrics including for high visibility garments

For us, sustainability isn’t just about the environment but is also about longevity and sustainability within the supply chain. In order for overseas partners and factories to run sustainable operations, they have to make profit to pay their staff, deliver all the added benefits we expect of them (e.g. free meals, free transport, health care etc) and invest in their own businesses.

We therefore have a select number of supply chain partners with whom we’re growing, which helps support their growth, rather than looking to regularly move production sources simply to deliver a small amount of cost saving.

Our sustainability initiatives are offered to our clients and end users to support their existing CSR policy aims and goals, such as planting trees based on the number of garments purchased from us. In the case of recycled packaging we have absorbed the cost of this without passing it on to our clients which means the initiatives won’t get stopped on the basis of increased prices.

Shield360 Partnership Approach

Our partnership-based approach spans from our raw material suppliers to the individuals wearing our garments. It is designed to be flexible and enables us to offer the highest levels of quality – whether we’re designing & manufacturing garments or providing our technical consultancy services.


Life Cycle Costs

Our focus on quality ensures our garments are built to last – so our clients can enjoy the cost efficiencies of an increased garment life cycle.

At Shield360 we understand the need for employers to manage costs and budgets – and we know that lower quality, cheaper priced garments can constitute a false economy for businesses.
Our focus on quality ensures our products deliver significant life cycle cost benefits.
All of our products are built to offer longevity and exceptional value for money over the lifecycle of each individual garment, as we use only the highest quality fabrics, component parts and manufacturing processes.
Our products can therefore offer organisations significant cost benefits over the life of a contract due to fewer replenishments and repairs, and enabling more effective budgetary controls.

Life Cycle Cost Analysis

Life Cycle

Garment Performance – Long term cost savings

Life Cycle

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