Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

Shield360 offer a comprehensive range of high quality technical garments so we can offer a one-stop solution to support organisations’ total workwear needs. Our high visibility, Viz360 and workwear ranges are designed to offer maximum protection and comfort for users.

All items are fully certified and have been extensively tested across a range of industries.

These garments are industrially launderable and designed for longevity so you get the best possible life cycle.

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High Visibility & Enhanced Safety Technology

We offer a wide range of high visibility PPE garments including trousers, jackets, coveralls, softshells, poloshirts and wet weather items. We have a fully certified range of PPE incorporating enhanced safety technology for visibility in low light conditions - this includes ISO EN 20471 & RIS-3279 (orange only) for use on the UK railway network. Options are also available for advanced communications technology to be integrated into high visibility garments.

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Wet Weather Protection

Our wet weather range includes bomber jackets, long coats, trousers and lined & unlined coveralls. We utilise the highest quality components to ensure optimal performance from the fabrics through to the seam sealing tapes. With high waterproof and breathability performance, we aim to always keep you dry and comfortable, whatever the weather. Our innovative Viz360 range also incorporates VizLite DT technology for unparalleled protection in all light conditions

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Flame Retardant, Anti-static & Electric Arc Protection

When higher levels of protection are needed for activities such as welding, cutting & grinding, we can supply certified garments including heat & flame, welding, anti-static and electric arc protection. We can develop the right solution for the relevant risks of particular tasks, working from the skin to build ensemble layers up for optimal protection and comfort.

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Revolutionary Safety Innovation

Our award winning safety innovation offers unparalleled protection in low light and dark conditions – without the need for batteries.


Our Viz360 garment range offers a revolutionary innovation for high-visibility workwear which delivers unparalleled protection in low-light and dark environments. This technology is exclusively available through Shield360. The technology adds a third dimension to protection, therefore enhancing visibility during all working conditions.

  • Daytime Florescence
  • Retro Reflectivity
  • Phosphorescent Illumination

We have used this technology to design a unique range of high performance, protection and comfort led garments so wearers benefit from the highest levels of protection whilst continuing to work safely – whatever the time of day or night.

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  • Enhanced visibility at times of highest risk working in low-light and dark conditions
  • Eliminated risks of interference with other energy sources or electronic devices such as heart monitors as no battery packs required
  • Compliant with international standards including EN 20471 and ANSI 107
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Ease of Use

  • Quick charge/-recharge periods from just 5 minutes in natural or artificial UV light
  • Long lasting effectiveness – up to 8 hours per single charge
  • No input required from employees – just wearing garments in natural or artificial light will charge the tape in minutes
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Budgetary Control

  • No on-going costs for this technology throughout the life cycle of the garment
  • The technology continues to emit light after extensive industrial washing so can be managed as part of a comprehensive laundry system, as well as through home laundry
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  • Highly sustainable source of self-charging / renewable energy
  • Genuine longevity with 30+ years accelerated life tests

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High Visibility & Enhanced Safety Technology, Wet Weather Protection, Flame retardant, anti-static & electric arc Protection


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