Award Winning Safety Innovation – Improving your workforce’s safety since 2015

Our Award Winning range of high visibility products incorporating VizLite DT technology has been keeping workers safe since 2015.

It’s that time of year again – nights are drawing in and visibility is already getting low from late afternoon onwards…

For teams working nights or early mornings in low light and dark environments, then our innovative Viz360 range could offer some serious safety benefits.

We designed the first full range of products in the UK incorporating DT technology and our products have been helping more people to get home safe everyday, since 2015.

Designed exclusively as part of phs Besafe’s Glow:Gear range, the products were awarded PPE Innovation of the Year in 2016 – and together we’ve been supplying a wide range of industries with this innovative product range ever since.

So while the rest of the industry is only just waking up to the innovation, we’ve already learnt a thing or two about where the technology works best; how to manufacturer and launder these garments to keep them (and your teams) working well for longer!

For more information or advice, and to find out how this range could improve your workforce’s safety, check out Besafe’s website or contact for more details.

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